It’s no surprise that second weddings often bring children..and step-children into the mix. Sometimes a child can feel left out or that they’re losing a parent.


Why not prove to them that they’re just as much a part of this new union as ever before by following a few simple steps:

Choose a memorable song and dance with them – Most children love to dance with a parent.  When you take the time to make them feel special with your own song and dance, they’ll feel ever so close to you and that they’re still just as important.

Let them show off – Children love it when their parents are proud of them.  Why not ask them to sing a song that reminds them of you?

Serve fun, child friendly food – We all love cake at a wedding but why not also serve a special cake just for your kids?  Topped with fun things like gummy bears and chocolate kisses they can cut their own cake (with you of course) right after you cut yours as a couple.

Parents who include their children in a wedding are to be commended.  They’ve taken the time to truly help their children make the transition into their new family dynamic.

What have you done to make children feel special at a wedding?  We’d love to hear it.  Do you need help doing something memorable at your own wedding?  Give us a call and let’s chat.