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As you decide on your first dance, your songs probably fall into a couple categories. You’ll likely have a selection of classic wedding dance songs, and some more recent favorites. So which do you choose?


The benefit of choosing a current, or recent, song is that many of your guests will know the song, and it’s unlikely other couples you know will have used the song for their wedding days.

The potential problem with choosing a more recent song is that it might seem very dated within a few years. Think about whether it’s a song you’ll still be happy to dance to when you celebrate your golden anniversary.

When you choose an older song, it is something that has already proven itself to be timeless. You’ll be working within a tradition of wedding dances, and you’ll also know whether your chosen song has been used by other people you know. Of course, it might be something that many of your friends and family have chosen, or will choose, for their weddings.

To find the perfect first dance song, you’ll need to choose a great Michigan wedding DJ. To find out more about what we offer, get in touch today!