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Attending a bridal show can be intimidating to any bride-to-be; vendors as far as the eye can see, dazzling displays, door prizes and information galore! Fear not, if done right you too can master the great feat that is a bridal show.

While a wedding won’t plan itself, with the right tools and plans in place, you might just enjoy the planning process leading up to your big day!  What is the key to survival? ALWAYS BE PREPARED!

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What does this mean? Do your research ahead of time.  Get a list of vendors that will be at the show. Find out which vendors interest you the most so you can focus on them come show time. Have your most important questions ready and don’t be afraid to ask too many questions.  Remember knowledge is power. Take notes at each vendor. The last thing you want to do is try to recall everything from memory at the end of a busy show. Be sure to bring sticky notes and a pen to jot down key items and attach them to the vendor card or brochure.

When it comes to bridal shows arriving “casually late” just isn’t cool. Arriving early will cut down on wait time, get you through the show faster, and may just get you some extra special attention. Going through the show first allows you to meet with the vendors at their freshest and will allow you to score all the cool freebies before they run out.

It is always best to bring the groom whenever possible to help with decision making, but a friend is the next best thing. Friends or family members are key for much needed advice, opinions, and yes help carrying the goodies.

Decision making is hard on an empty stomach. Remember that bridal shows can be long for everyone and snacks don’t always cut it, eating ahead of time is best.
Comfort is crucial, especially when there is a lot of walking and standing involved. Wear comfy shoes and clothing, and bring a sturdy bag for all the show giveaways/goodies. Trust me, they add up fast.

Have pre-addressed labels at the ready. Everywhere you turn there is a contest or mailing list to sign up for, and you never know what you might win. Labels will save your wrist some time and agony. Labels should include as much info as possible: Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, and (if possible) Wedding Date/Venue.
Be prepared to make a deposit if necessary to score a great bridal show deal. Have your credit card or checkbook with you, and always get a receipt.

A separate Email account for wedding planning is a good idea. You can be sure to expect an influx of emails from vendors after a bridal show. Having a separate email account can help you sort through wedding emails quickly and you will be less likely to overlook key vendors.bridal show survival guide photo #2

Remember why you’re there, to have fun! It’s all about you and your big day. With these simple tips and an open mind you can have your wedding cake and eat it too! Happy Wedding Planning!