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Every couple wants their wedding to be special, but there are plenty of details that often get overlooked. These little touches can make a big impact for you and your guests.


One thing that often gets forgotten is decorating the areas outside of your main reception. When your guests go to the restrooms, the bar, or even when they first walk in, will they still be part of your wedding or just any venue? Putting little touches, like flowers and other things in your wedding colors, can keep your guests in the wedding mood.

Also pay special attention to the tables that your guests won’t be sitting at. You have centerpieces planned for their tables, but the cake, escort cards, favors, and buffet just get put on otherwise empty tables. Make these special tables a bigger part of your wedding with decorative touches. While they might not be the focus, they’ll certainly make much better background when they’re tied into your wedding colors.

The key to adding finishing touches is to extend your wedding colors and theme across your venue. When you have great details, your guests will enjoy the care you’ve put into your wedding.

Your guests will also love a great choice of DJ. To find out what we can do for your Clinton Township wedding, give us a call today!